Thai-language newspapers – March 8-9, 2005


March 8, 2005

* March 7 – Nakornsrithammarat, Mr. Kramon Thongthammachat, the Chairperson of the Constitutional Court opens a seminar and speaks on “Government organization by the constitution and the Right and Freedom Protection of People." He said that the present constitution is a people's constitution so people should participate to protect it so it is not overthrown by a dictatorship. Thailand has changed the constitution 15 times and the present one is the 16th meanwhile the USA has had only two in 220 years and also people have participated well to protect it. Thailand's constitution can be put in the Guinness book for the most canceled constitutions in the world.

* Dr. Narong Sahamethapat, Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health investigated the area at Panompa Mountain Amphur Wangzaipoon, Pichit Province because there are people who became diseased from a mercury toxin substance in a gold digging area. So the department is cooperating with Naresuan University to set up a system to prevent the mercury contamination.

March 9, 2005

* Mr. Watcharapong Nawadee, former banker, was arrested and his house was searched after he stole 200,000 baht from Bualaung Internet banking. He and his friend stole almost 10 million baht from Siam Commercial internet banking and was arrested many times, but he did not stop.

* Mrs. Rujira Arunratsawad, 27-years-old, is the luckiest woman from Samutprakarn province. He got one million baht from finding a 1 million baht bottlecap from the “Open 30 lids of Oishi tea and get 30 million baht” promotion. The executive of the company handed out her money at U.M. Tower building and said that she is the second person who got the lucky reward. The first one was in Ayuthaya province.


March 8, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Chiangmai– March 7, Mr. Choochat Liamwanich, the 54-year-old director of Chiangmai Informal Educational School was shot dead by his teacher friend, Mrs. Sudarat Waten. The police found a letter on her desk describing her revenge to kill him because he accused her of stealing her friend's ATM card and withdrawing 60,000 baht. She was upset when knowing that she would be investigated and might be disciplined.

* On March 7, the Criminal Court at Ratchadaphisek Road delivered the judgment on Mrs. Kultea or Teawa, a 37-year-old Cambodian defendant. She is to be imprisoned for 85 years for obscenity and trafficking Cambodian girls, 15-18 years old, to a Malaysian brothel.

March 9, 2005

* On March 8, the representative of Provincial Administrative organization, private citizens, and independent and local organizations in Maemoh Lampang had a meeting and consensus on three solutions. These were, first, setting up policy for EGAT to slow down the blasting of the 13-million-year-old fossils and wait for biology and geology to study the source of the fossils. Second, Thambon Administrative organization will check the progress of EGAT work and will proceed with a case if they do something illegal. Third, The Network of Public Society will organize a seminar on March 12 to educate people about the source of the fossils and find out the solution whether it should be blasted or preserved.

* 50 centimeter long bones that are 60 million years old and 100 other pieces of skeletons were found by workers who are digging a pool in Ban Koksoong, Thambon Koksoong, Nakornratchasima. The initial information is that it was a big animal which ate plants. The Thambon Administrative organization will bring the case to the council and set up this place for tourism.

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