Thai-language newspapers – March 2-3, 2005


March 2, 2005

* On February 28, Mr. Jaturat Kiratiwuttipong, Human and Social Faculty professor, Rajabhat University, Nakornsrithammarat reveals that the university is drafting a bachelor's degree curriculum based on local Intelligence. In this program students do not have to graduate from grade 12, but only have 3 rai of land and can manage their land with local intelligence. From this the study will add international intelligence to their daily lives. This will be the first curriculum that persuades the villagers to be a learned man or a teacher such as Mr. Prayong Ronnarong who received the Mac Zaizai Award and Mrs. Hi Khunchanta, the old woman who has knowledge of agriculture, etc. This curriculum could be taught in the second semester of 2005.

* On March 1, Mr. Jakapob Penkhae, a government speaker, announced that the cabinet approved 823 million baht to solve the drought problem for 4628 villages around the country.

March 3, 2005

* ”Jae Bieb“ or Rabiebrat Pongpanichh, Chairperson of Housewives Association, Ministry of the Interior and chairperson of Promotion of the Warm and Happy Family Association, sent a letter to the executive of Ajinomoto Company to object to the advertisement that destroys the image of mothers and mothers-in-law. This ad focuses on the fussy mother-in-law who tests the daughter in the rules of cooking.

* ”Ming” or Doctor Pommin Lertsuriyadej, Minister of Energy, will continue the blasting of the 13 million-year-old fossil cemetery in Maemoh, Lampang. He said EGAT has looked after it very well already and combines the stewardship with seeking lignite for people so they can get cheap electricity. The National Human Rights Commission resists by saying the fossils are a world heritage and can be as important as a national treasure that should be preserved. Meanwhile, the Lampang Provincial Administrative Organization will mobilize the local organizations to resist.


March 2, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Mr. Chatchai Tima, a worker at a shoe factory in the Jomthong area, could not clear a lover problem with his girlfriend at her dormitory. He cut her throat and then cut his throat and his wrists until he died, but his girlfriend survived with serious injuries and in ICU at the hospital.

* Pol. Sgt. Prateep Thamjai got a call from a guard at Save Center Supermarket, Phutamonton Sai 2 Road that four thieves are trying to steal the pickup of Mr. Somzong Chanprasert. Pol. Sgt. Prateep showed up to make an arrest and the thieves ran back to the pickup and drove away, but one person opened the door and ran away. Mr. Prateep decided to jump up and hold the back of the pickup while the thieves drove. The thieves drove like in an action movie, but he held on for 5 kms. Other police followed and stopped the pickup and arrested all of the thieves.

March 3, 2005

* In Lobburi province, on March 2, Pol. Sen. Sgt. Maj. Nimitr Wongsasuk shot himself mysteriously. The police found that he called to Ms. Nitaya Poolperm, a student of Rajabhat University who was killed on March 1. At the beginning it is assumed that he may be involved with her death on lover case because he is one of her boyfriends or may be it is about his stress at work, or he wants to avoid a mistake.

* Mr. Eddy Sim, Singapore businessman and owner a golf equipment shop in Singapore with a branch on Silom, met with a reporter to reward the one who helped his 6-year-old daughter during the tsunami. He finally found Mrs. Janpen Chailin, 32 years old, who helped his daughter by grabbing her when she float by in the water. She put a necklace with a portrait of King Rama V on the girl [to protect her]. Mr. Eddy made an appointment and will meet Mrs. Janpen in Phuket to return the necklace with locket and reward her with money.

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