Thai-language newspapers – March 1, 2005

Something from the Thai press: Headless farang ghost - Khaosod, March 1, 2005
From the front page of Khaosod newspaper: Mysterious - a view at Miracle Beach, Krabi province that a reporter took at the beginning of February after the tsunami. After checking the photo, the reporter found the image of a mysterious figure that appears to have no head. But it is possible that the man nods or bent down his head at that moment.

Matichon - March 1, 2005

* The National Human Rights Commission is upset that EGAT permits the Italian Thai Development Company Ltd to blast a fossil layer which is the thickest in the world (12 metres) and 13 million years old for lignite mining. This is strange because this issue was in the process of negotiation and the parties did not listen to the Department of Mineral Resources who were asking to reserve the area to be a World Heritage Geology site. EGAT countered that the Italian Thai company would fine it 4000 million baht. So the NHRC will go and follow up the case in Lampang on March 1.

* Maemoh villagers in Lampang resist moving Hmong Hill tribe people from the temporary shelter of Krabok cave to stay in the source of water forest of Huaymaetoo, Banjampuy. They are afraid that Hmong people will make problems with drugs, crime and cutting down the forest. The head of the village said they will submit the letter to the PM, Interior Minister and Defense Minister and will wait for an answer within 15 days.

Thairath - March 1, 2005

* The police got a report from Krungthon radio asking to check the alarm of Siam Commercial Bank. When they got there they found Mr. Narong Chuoisuk, 22 years old, sleeping with the stolen property, 3 watches, one pen and 2 screwdrivers and a blue bag. The police woke him up and took him to the police station. The robber said he worked in the factory but he lost his job when the factory closed so he came to rob the bank. This is the third time, but this time he is feel asleep after gathering loot.

* Rachaburi: Two guys fight to win one charming widow. Mr. Poonsak Thammasarojrattana, 50-year-old rich man and the owner of rose garden in Maesod, Tak province was the paramour of Mrs. Wipavedee, a 34-year-old widow. Mr. Poonsak was upset when he saw a new guy, a canvasser of a candidate of Ratchaburi Province Administrative organization, involved with the woman and staying in the widow’s house. They shot each other and Mr. Poonsak died on the spot. The other man tried to ride a motorcycle away, but died later on.