Thai-language newspapers – February 28, 2005

Matichon - February 28, 2005

* On February 27, the former Miss universe, Puy or Porntip Nakhirankanok Saimon visited the tsunami area in Amphur Takuapa, Pangnga. She gave 6 million baht to help build 50 houses for the victims and for giving ice-cream to children.

* On February 27, Sukhothaithammathirat University organized an academic seminar on “Media does not see through Thaksin” in which Mr. Pongsak Payakwichien, the chief executive of Matichon newspaper was a speaker. He said it is not totally true that the media do not see through Thaksin because there are critics. Thaksin usually thinks that he is only one who is capable and good so he sometimes does not accept knowledge and suggestions from others. When people have different ideas, he thinks those people are not on his side. This is not good for the top executive person for the country.

Thairath - February 28, 2005

* On February 27, the Tourism Police pretend to be a customer and arrested Mr. Arun Songserm who took two boys (10 and 15 years old) to sell for queer sex with foreigner in Pattaya. The boys were then sent to have a medical check and then sent to Banglamung Children Aid House.

* On February 27, a young robber robbed and attacked Ms. Waraporn Tisawipaksakul, the owner of Piyasab Shop selling the priest offerings and electric equipment while she was in her shop alone. She tried to fight, but was hit by an electric mosquito net and soda bottle and was injured so she ran to hide herself in the restroom. The robber ran away. She was sent to the hospital and the police are investigating and arrested the robber.

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