Thai-language newspapers – February 25, 2005

Matichon - February 25, 2005

* On February 24, 100 villagers from Mu 10, Tambon Koh Plappla, Rachaburi protest in front of the village to resist the concession of Pong Mountain to make a mine which concessioned to Sintanan Company. After a public hearing, the villagers do not agree because it is a high mountain so they afraid of the dust contamination to water, farm areas and they do not want anybody to destroy the environment.

* This year Thailand will organize a world Visakabucha day by inviting religious leaders from all over the world to attend a gathering in four places: Puttamonton for praying, Sanamluang for Vientien ceremony (walk with a lighted candle around the temple), Suntitham for education, and Impact Arena Muangthong Tani for exhibition. The Supreme Patriarchs from 10 countries and other Buddhist priests from 20 countries will do dharma and broadcast all around the world.

Komchadluek - February 25, 2005

* Toeng [Banharn Silaparcha’s nickname] prepares to go to the south on March 15 to getting information for the Parliament meeting. He said the way to solve problems should be different and it should me a moderate way with compromise and patience.

* Anurak Jureemas, Culture Minister, formally returned Kruse Mosque to Tanyongluloh Thambon Administrative organization in Pattani today (February 25). The mosque was renovated after having been damaged from the unrest on April 28, 2004. It has been repaired over 7 months with a 8.5 million baht budget.

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