Thai-language newspapers – February 21, 2005

Matichon - February 21, 2005

* PM Thaksin says he has a suitable person for the House of Representatives chairperson, but he wants to keep the name to himself and people can guess. Sources say Mr. Pokin Polkin will be the man. Also that Mr. Suchat Tanjaroen will be the first vice-chairperson and Mr. Sutham Saengpratum is the second. The influential new ministers are “Jae Daeng” or Yaowapa [Yongyuth Tiyapairath - Thaksin's sister], Adisorn Piengket and Phumtham Weschayachai.

* The PMs play golf with the leader of the army and discusses the southern crisis. He also called Gen. Sirichai Thanyasiri to speak at the defense council meeting today. He also counters the Dr. Praved Wasri, an academic, who criticized the red zone division by saying he should visit the area before criticizing. The foreign media warn Thaksin about using absolute principles for solving southern problems which would cause al-Qaeda to be attracted to Thailand. Meanwhile Arab websites show the Takbai event video for the first time and some websites are now is interested in the Thai situation.

Thairath - February 21, 2005

* A fire occurred at Building P Resident Condo, Pravet district. Mr. Kannikar Kengkhum and three children were hurt especially a 2-year-old who was had a head injury and finally died at the hospital. The cause of the fire is that he did not pay for the bill so the electricity was cut. He lit up a candle and feel asleep and it started a fire in a mattress.

* 31 tourists (Thai and foreigners) were arrested at P.S.T. condo, Yannawa district while they were dancing and in possession of drugs. The police found ecstasy, ketamine and cocaine. The owner, Mr. Urache Zaelim, the promotion and marketing manager of Virgin Radio, said the party is a group of gay tourists who went to Silom soi 4,6 and wanted to continue partying so he invited them to his place.

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