Thai-language newspapers – February 18, 2005

Matichon - February 18, 2005

* The '9th Group' is actually is the arms and legs of Suriya and Somsak. Mr. Bunyin Tungprapakorn, TRT M.P. in Nakornsawan told about setting up a new group whose members were from the power blocks of Suriya Juengrungroengkit and Somsak Tepsutin.
[In the Thai Rak Thai party there are many factions. This is a new group named the '9th Group' which is not in conflict with the leader of WangNamyen like Somsak or Suriya. This new group will be the committee--in Thai we will say being the arms or legs--led by Mr. Somsak Tepsutin and Suriya Juengrungroengkit. This is obviously an attempt to blend and harmonize the various factions in TRT.]
The 9th Group will help transfer policy into action by coordinating work in Parliament.

* On February 17, the parents of students of Ladpro Language Tutor school appeal to the media that their 10 children are infected with foot and mouth disease from the school, but the school has not been closed. The officer of the school denies the school was to blame and said students infected each other. However the school was told to close on February 18.

Thairath - February 18, 2005

* On February 17, a car bomb near Marina Hotel at the center of Sungai Kolok, Narathivat. Five were killed. This was as Thaksin was visiting three provinces in the South. However he had to return to Ubonratchatani to help his candidate in constituency 3, Amphur Khoengnai, on the same night.

* After Thairath warns of the danger of chemical goods from China that look like childrens' sweets, the officers of many organizations wake up to investigate the products. Recently, the police found the source of the product in Mouichaloen shop in Udomsuk market. Ms.Thongsri, the owner, said she got the consignment from Charter Distribution company and she did not know it was illegal.

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