Thai-language newspapers – February 16, 2005

Matichon - February 16, 2005

* The Interior ministry summarizes that there are 2,874 dead bodies that cannot be identified and the ministry has helped given victims 276 million baht. Meanwhile, professor Suirchai Wankaew, Political Science Faculty of Chulalongkorn University says the cabinet should not waste 260 million baht for the Miss Universe contest at Khaolak. It is better used to help orphans.

* Khonkaen - Mrs. Maneeporn Euasaptawee parked her car, a black Benz E220 CDI car, in the Khaennakorn marsh. She also attached a sign describing her disappointment. She bought this Benz in September, 2004 for 3.8 million baht, but there is bad smell like animal remains from the air-conditioning system that has been repaired for three times, but cannot be solved. If the administrative is not responsible, she will leave this car to be a memory of her stupidity for choosing Benz. She wanted people to think twice if they want to buy an expensive car. Meanwhile the manager of Auto in Khonkaen apologizes and is in the process of offering to change the car for her.

Thairath - February 16, 2005

* Danger from toxics in the sweets case – Mrs Thitiporn Ittiponsiri found that his son bought what looked like sweets, but it was a chemical for making hot water. It smelled like a pest killer and there was no Thai language on the package. It was only Chinese and English language. So she went to appeal Thairath to spread the word and warn people to be careful of toxic goods that look like sweets because it is danger for children.

* Ratburana, Bangkok – Fire in a big slum, Berry community. Ms. Siriporn Pimonhailil, 32-year-old, was burned in her house. The fireman thinks she might have smoked and feel as sleep, causing the fire.

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