Thai-language newspapers – February 14, 2005

Matichon - February 14, 2005

* Thieves in the south are still bold. They shot a villager in the head and seriously injured him at Jao Airong while he is going to tap rubber with his wife. Another group destroys the rubber trees in Raman Yala--100 rubber trees were damaged. Thaksin mobilizes the security unit to discuss the situation today. Areephen Uttrarasin [on the party list of TRT] wrote an article pointing out why the Wadah group was defeated. Every time a TRT candidate visited people in a village and mosque to campaign, after they left the military and police came to ask people what was said and they wrote it down in a notebook. So people could not be confident in TRT, because the candidates seemed to be followed all the time.

* The condoms are selling well on Valentine’s Day while flowers are scarce in the market because of the change in the weather and increasing demand. Grade A of roses are 1200 baht each, but there are not enough to sell. Meanwhile young Muslims in Asia eagerly follow the craze of western culture.

Thairath - February 14, 2005

Luang Por Koon, the abbot of Wad Banrai, left the Siriraj Hospital and returned to his temple yesterday (February 13). Mr. Suwat Lipatapanlob, Deputy PM, said Korat people are glad that he went back and asked for cooperation from the public not to visit him a lot because he could get an infection and his condition could worsen again. Luang Por Koon also wishes for Suwat happy birthday and is glad that Thaksin will remain PM because he loves Thaksin. [Luang Por Koon is a famous monk in Korat, who is often written about in the Thai-language press.]

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