Astrologers foretell the future of Thaksin–it’s not good

Astrologers foretell the future of Thaksin--it's not good - translated from Thai Post, February 8, 2005
[This astrology 'news' is a staple of the Thai-language press and has been much talked about this week, but is absent from English-language news.]
Although TRT won an overwhelming victory, astrologers foretells that the single party may face an event like October 14. Meanwhile the sage [zinsae or wise Chinese man] Panuwat repeats the forecast to be careful of people attacking and to protect the PM’s son.
Mr. Kengkaj specifies that lots of people will protest on the street.
Ajarn Pinyo Pongchaloen, the president of International Astrology Society said that there is no problem with TRT setting up a single party if is in tune with the people. However the winner’s fate is in the balance so be careful of disaster and accident. He believed that a single party may not be stable for four years because the main star has some problems that makes lots of problems and obstacles.
Mr. Panuwat Puntuwichatkul, the famous sage specifies that Thaksin’s fate will be good after Chinese New Year, but according to his age--56--it is the luck of that age that he has to be careful of his health and of attacks which could be fatal. The problem that should not be overlooked is an attack on his family, especially his son. Panthongtae [Thaksin's son] has to be careful with women problems that make his father lose face and also things that cause his business to lose profit. It will be good in the next year.
Ajarn Kengkaj Jongjaipra also specifies that nowadays the fate of the country is quite bad with lots of problems, so it is appropriate to have Thaksin who is an absolute leader to set a single party to solve the problem. But this should be on the right basis. For getting lots of votes, the issues he has to be careful of are boldness, monopoly, and self-confidence in business. If he cannot control this, problems will occur. Be careful of the big protest in parliament. The astrology just wants the leader to be careful with power because it is as a fire which, if not used properly, will cause him to burn himself.
Mr. Jedsada Lohaounjit, a professional astrologer and economic academic who was an executive committee member of MFC Corporation, commented on the direction of politics and stock market. A new government should be vigilant of political accidents in the half year because there will be an unexpected event or something like people or state enterprise officers protesting, terrorism, an important person assaulted, deep crisis in the south, a plane crash, earthquake, fighting, or a purge in the opposition party. However the government will be able to solve the problem.
This moving of a star influencing a political crisis in the last half of the year means that the government should be careful in the end of 2005 continue and the first three months of 2006 which is when fate shows the government ending. This may be the dissolution of parliament or crisis of parliament or constitution or a small thing like a changing or adjusting of the cabinet.
Mr. Jedsada add that the Prime Minister’s fate is facing lots of obstacles. In the last half of the year, he has to be endure, using consciousness to solve problems and do not decide from emotion and feeling otherwise the problem become increasingly complicated and put him in the bad situation.
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