Thai-language newspapers – February 7, 2005

Manager Online - February 7, 2005

* After knowing the informal results and his ability to a party list candidate for Chat Thai party, Chuvit Kamonvisit said he is ready to be in the opposition and investigate the government. He will be an ordinary person to enter the parliament as he has told people.

* Mr. Anek Laothammatat, the leader of Mahachon party, apologized that he blamed the exit poll which said that Mahachon can only one seat. He also congratulates the Thai Rak Thai party which received lots of votes.

* Sanan Kajornprasat, the advisor chairperson of Mahachon Party had a press conference at his house in Sanambinnam and said that he will retire from politics. He will quit his position in the party and accept the mistakes that led to a wrong political evaluation.

Komchadleuk - February 7, 2005

* Thaksin pointed out that politics has changed. History is interesting to learn but we should not stick with it forever. For the Thai Rak Thai candidates that lost in the South it is a wake up call and will be considered and studied.

* Bunyat Buntadthan, the leader of Democrat party, declared to the executives of the party that he will quit tomorrow and will discuss what caused the Democrats to be defeated.

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