Thai-language newspapers – February 3, 2005

Matichon - February 3, 2005

* In Kalasin, the sign of Samchai Community radio station was destroyed and also an officer and DJ were punched by a group of 20 drunken men. The shouted that the radio station was not neutral and supported the Thai Rak Thai party. The situation of the election campaign in Kalasin is very tense and competitive especially in zone 4 where Thai Rak Thai, Mahachon, and Chat Thai parties compete.

* The intelligence office reports that Jeh Kumae Kuteh was the founder of the Gerakan Mujahideen Islam Patani or GMIP and lured young men who were unemployes and desperados to be members. The members had GMIP IDs which has rights and was recognized by Malaysian officers as a PULO card.

* For the month of love in February, Thai Airways Company Ltd. prepares to organize a big ceremony of “Return to Lanna Wedding” and will invite 55 couples from all the world to join a Thai Lanna wedding ceremony which will be organized at Mandarin Oriental Daradhevi, Chaing Mai on February 26-28.

Thairath - February 3, 2005

* The house of the Nan governor, Suwat Choksuwattanakul, was bombed early in the morning of January 2, but the bomb bounced back to a nearby Public Health office so nobody was injured. The same day at 2:30pm, his secretary got a phone call that threatened to bomb three areas at the government offices, because the governor are not neutral in the general election. The police went to check, but found nothing. Mr. Suwat said it involves political issues and the bid of a construction project which the governor strictly controlled so someone who lost profit from the work may not be satisfied with him.

* Saraburi - Mr. Sanoe Pledjuntik, a widower fruit monger is very lucky to win a lottery jackpot of 34 million baht. He got no. 54 from his dream where his sister who died seven years ago told him to buy car registration no. 3454.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Lopburi - While driving to the police station, Mr. Preecha Sripetch, a policeman was informed by police radio about two robbers. Suddenly he saw they pass by so he overtook the motorcycle make them fall. But the officier had no gun so he was shot in the back part of the skull and died later in the hospital. One of the two young robbers robbers was arrested and the other died in an extra judicial killing.

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