Thai-language newspapers – February 1, 2005

Matichon - February 1, 2005

* On January 31, at 9am at the Criminal Court of South Bangkok, Sanam Luang, the Justice of the Court of Appeals decided to acquit the accused Prasong Soonsiri, the Naewna columnist of Naewna newspaper company who was accused of insulting 'Maew' [P.M. Thaksin].

* The Interior Minister, Pokin Polkul, ordered the Administrative Department to gather evidence that Chae Kumae [alleged Thai separatist recently captured in Malaysia] is Thai--including his 13 digit ID number and fingerprint. This will be sent to Malaysia to insist and hope that Chae Kumae will be brought back to Thailand and prosecuted.

* In Satun, Mr. Prajaub Soosom and Mr. Jamlong Chuenmak gave Takbai VCDs to the police of Tungwa District because they were afraid of being prosecuted. They also inform that there are lots of Takbai VCD in Tungwa. The police will give that VCDs to the Election Committee in Satun to investigate whether it is related to the general election. [The government has previously banned people from distributing the VCDs, but it is unclear if there is a legal basis for doing this.]

Thairath - February 1, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - On January 31 at Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn, Mr. Sawai Sinlap and his two girlfriends were shot cruelly in his house. The police assume that it is either about a love case or an enemy who did not like him.

* Pracha Malinon, Deputy of Interior Minister, wrote in his new book, Two years at Interior Ministry, that there is a new sex drug which causes girls to want to take off their clothes because they will feel hot inside and have lots of sweat.

* In Saraburi, Mrs. Pimporn Prasatkaew, a 22-year-old, had just delivered her baby in the morning. The same day afternoon as she went to the toilet, her baby was kidnapped by a kidnapping gangster who pretended to be a relative to visit her. Police are checking from the close circuit cameras and are tracking the thief with the utmost urgency. [The photo carried on several papers shows the mother in bed pointing to an empty space beside her.]