Thai-language newspapers – January 28, 2005

Matichon - January 28, 2005

* Lots of Bangkok residents went to each district to make ID cards and this caused computer systems to fail. They want to vote in the coming general election but their ID cards are being held by creditors because most people are in debts with informal loans (in debt to loan sharks). [Below is a still from a public service ad that encourages people not to get 'informal loans' from individuals.]

* On January 27, in a protest against the Honda Company, an irate female cloth seller used a big hammer to bash her new CRV car in front of Shinawatra building 3. People and press crowded around to watch. She bought the new car one month ago, but she has to fix it very often. Although she appeals to the company, they did not give her a new car. [A photo of this woman hitting her car was on the front page of nearly every Thai-language paper on Friday. This incident seems like a staged event to]

Thairath - January 28, 2005

* In Banglamung, Chonburi, Mr. Van Joseph Pusjoh, a 47-year-old from Holland killed himself in his room by using a big plastic bag to cover his head and inhaling cigarette lighter gas. The police believe he had been dead for 48 hours when found.

* For a short term solution, Suwat Lipatapunlob, Deputy Prime Minister, said at a meeting in Phuket that they will organize a contest of Miss Universe in the six southern provinces and do public relations to persuade tourists to come back to Thailand. [The Miss Universe pageant will be held in June in Thailand.]

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