Thai-language newspapers – January 27, 2005

Matichon - January 27, 2005

* All the world commemorates one month since the tsunami disaster. The victims in the six southern provinces prepare to demand Thaksin resist rules to building houses far from the shore where is it not convenient to do fishing. They want to build houses by their own styles. Also they ask to check the more than 1000 land documents of capitalists that appear to overlap the peoples' land.

* On January 26, Mr. Anusorn Thaidecha, Director of the Administrative Office of the Private Promotion of Education said after a meeting that it had found that 15 schools in the Siam Square area have no the fire exit, building map, or fire equipment so they have to solve the problem within 15 days. Violation may lead to withdraw of licenses.

Thairath - January 27, 2005

* At 5 pm on January 26, a team of police in Samkok, Pathumthani province raided gamblers who were playing in a house, but all but seven women were able to run away. As the police were checking the house, the owner of the house appeared pretending to know nothing so the police asked her to go to police station, but she resisted and finally fought with the police. Finally she was subdued, but a policeman was bloody cut from her fingernails.

* On January 26, the Culture Ministry and Chulalongkorn University reveals the research of “Compiling the situation of children and the youth problem.” Youth are sinking in the culture of fast shopping, fast food, luxury--especially mobile phones, and the attitude of swinging sex. [These type of sensationalistic studies are a weekly staple of the Thai-language press. More about Lurid stories of Thai youth]

* Thaksin gives an interview on January 26 that the Malaysian government caught Jehkumae Kuteh, the leader of the group who want to separate three provinces in the South from Thailand. He said that Jehkumae is very damned and wants him to be prosecuted in Thailand.

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