Thai-language newspapers – January 25-26, 2005

Matichon - January 25, 2005

* At 2:00am on January 25, Kanjanaburi people panicked after hearing people say that the tsunami made two big dams break (Srinakarin and Wachiralongkorn). Some ran away in fright in the middle of the night. The Kanjanaburi governor and directors of the dam confirm both dams are strong and firm. Meanwhile Mr. Samit Thammasarot declared that U.S. will help Thailand set up a tsunami early warning system by linking the Hawaii center with Thailand. The news can be relayed directly by hotline and special fax.

* On January 24 at the government house, Mr. Jaturon Chaisaeng, Deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the group considering the bird flu situation, had a meeting with livestock organizations. After the meeting it was announced that all areas will be checked from February 1-28 in order to guard against the bird flu. A budget is also being requested to buy vaccine to protect against against H5N1. Livestock associations will make stickers to put on the chicken confirming its safety for the coming Chinese New Year.


January 25, 2005

* At Huaykwang police station, a Ramkamhaeng University student was arrested. He tried to rape his girlfriend because he was angry after knowing she deceived him into buying things for her and then abusing him that he is dull.

* At the Crime Suppression Division, police announced at a press conference that they would arrest big gangsters who are stealing cars. This gang includes seven persons and is headed by a former police captain who was dismissed three years ago. They steal Hondas to sell in Cambodia and have sold more than 50 cars.

January 26, 2005

* Luckless candidates! Mr. Boonmak Sirinaowakul, Democrat MP candidate, and Mrs. Kobkul, MP candidate of TRT (district 1 Ratchaburi province), were both traveling by motorcycle and going from door-to-door asking for votes. Both were bitten by dogs, both had to go to the hosipital, and both recevied seven stitches each.

* The victim who alleged she was raped by Mr. Saengroj Kanjana on Jan 23 informed the Pavina Foundation and asked for the military to protect her instead of the police. This is because the accused rapist is familiar with police at the station station and everybody in the rape victim's family has been threatened with death.

Earlier: (ThaiRath, January 24, 2005) On January 23 in Surathani province, a female vocation student informed the police that she was raped by Mr. Saengroj Kanjana, the son of MP candidate, Mr. Chumpon Kanjana. Previously, Mr. Saengroj Kanjana allegedly shot and killed policemen in 1999 and 2000 and is still on the temporary bail during the appeal.

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