Thai-language newspapers – January 21, 2005

Matichon - January 21, 2005

* People in Suratthani are shocked to find a crack in the earth 2 rai long [one rai is a unit of area equal to 1600 square metres] that also makes a crack in a house. Trang people are not afraid and will continue organize underwater wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile geologists proved the bubble coming from from a crack in the sea floor in Ranong are only gas pressure and it is not dangerous. 200 Morgan people [sea gypsies] protest to ask for the return of their land because Kuek Kak Tambon Administrative organization drove them off their land after the tsunami disaster and wants to build the private hospital and OTOP center there.

* Democrats push the Election Commission to punish Nevin Chidchob and point out that the Election Commission in Songkhla has recordings and witnesses. Democrats say they believe the witnesses and claim that one of general directors set about to buy the secret video of the incident. Nevin declared today (January 21) to sue anyone who seeks to destroy his reputation.

Thairath - January 21, 2005

* Mr. Supachai Chantanapakdi, a-24-year-old taxi driver, was robbed and tied up in his taxi on the way to Bangsan, Nakornpathom. Five thieves who took over the taxi got drunk and drove very fast to overtake a bus. Finally the taxi rolled over. One thief died and the rest were injured, but the taxi driver got out alive.

* Chao Pha Ying Ubonrat [Khun Poom’s mother] visited tsunami victims at Takuapa Hospital, Pangnga. She told them to keep fighting and wished them to pass by the bad luck. Meanwhile 43 countries will meet and decide about the policy of an early warning system for tsunamis on January 28-29 in Phuket.

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