Thai-language newspapers – January 20, 2005

Matichon - January 20, 2005

* It is a cool idea to give the 700 passengers involved in the crash on January 16 to ride MTRA free of charge for life. The two drivers and three control officers were charged with carelessness. The summary of all injured is 264 people. The board of MTRA check whether the concession contract of BMCL mistake the agreement.

* A Chulalongkorn University academic reveals that the impact of the tsunami makes the geography of Phuket Island move 15 centimeters. It also made the shape of the 'shaft' of the South move. [The shape of Thailand looks like an ax and is called a 'golden ax.' The South is considered the shaft.] Meanwhile, the Land Resource department sends officers to survey the crack in Ranong Province.

* Pu [Purachai Piamsomboon, Deputy Prime Minister] plans to travel around the world with his wife and a daughter. He spoke out during the taping of a TV show--Rak Lon Jor (Lots of Love). He said everything will go well if politics, the economy and society are developed all together. After his political term expires, he plans to live simply and travel around the world including writing books about the cultures he finds.

Thairath - January 20, 2005

* In Banglen, Nakornpathom province, a 30-year-old man threatened the owner of a gold shop and stole three necklaces. He ran out to get a taxi which was parked in the soi 15 metres from the shop. Later that day the taxi meter driver came to inform the police that he was hired for 1000 baht by the thief to wait, but the thief would not pay the fare. After watching the video from the gold shop and an investigation, the police figured out the name of the thief and arrested him.

* Thaksin gave an interview about the case of Mr. Thavorn Senniem, Democrat MP candidate who accused Mr. Nevin Chidchop, Deputy Agriculture Minister, of vote buying. Thaksin said it is only about using political matters to damage each other. People should listen with one ear and keep three ears to listen many times before believing. [This is a Thai proverb which means something like " take something with a grain of salt."]

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