Thai-language newspapers – January 19, 2005

Left: Daily News, January 19, 2005 - Photos of the wrecked subway car. The headline reads: The southern thieves are ruthless and bloodthirsty. School bus attacked. The children have bad luck and are seriously injured.
Matichon - January 19, 2005

* On January 18, at 8:10 pm at the Southern Terminal Bus Station, police arrested Mr. Pawapon Papaphan, who was carrying a paper box and looked suspicious. After checking, the police found a .38 gun and 800 bullets for an M.16. He confessed that he was hired to carry the bullets from the shop in Wangboorapa area to Mr. Prapong Anchansrichat in Amphur Betong, Yala and this is the second delivery.

* A canvasser was shot dead in Amphur Yantakao, Trang province. The police said the dead person is the big construction foreman in Amphur Yantakao and Palian. In the beginning they suspected the motive could be a business issue or love issue, but they think now it is because he was a canvasser for Mr. Somchai Losathaporn, Democrat MP candidate in Trang, district 3.

* The cabinet gives a budget of 400 million baht to compensate 360,000 government officials and employees who worked helping tsunami victims in the six southern provinces. Among the benefits are extra special money of 1000-2500 baht per month, promotions to a higher salary and more annual holiday leave.

Thairath - January 19, 2005

* On January 18, Mr. Chonatee Kaewmani, killed his father-in-law by cutting his neck at a house in Supanburi province. After being arrested, he confessed that it was revenge for his father-in-law taking his wife to stay apart from him.

* In Ranong Province, Deputy Sheriff (Nai Amphur) Chanat Kaewbumrung was informed by the Kumnun (head of subdistrict) of Ratchakrud that there is a crack under the sea near Laeamson Gulf and also bubbles coming up from under the water. Villagers dove into the sea to see what happened and found a crack about 3-4 inches wide and 1 km in length.

* According to the evidence that accuses the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Newin Chidchob, with violating the election law, Democrat party support its MP candidates, Mr. Thavorn Senniem and Mr. Pisit Intarasombat to submit evidence to the Election Commission and transfer the governors of Phattalung and Satun since they are not neutral.

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