Thai-language newspapers – January 18, 2005

Matichon - January 18, 2005

* A 37-year-old English man slit his throat and wrist in front of the British Embassy because he was sorry that his daughter disappears in the tsunami. Meanwhile, Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] goes to the south to talk to Dr. Porntip and give her two weeks to continue working at Wat Yanyao. The four dead bodies of the Satapitanon family were found [The family of Mr. Prasom Satapitanon, a famous architect and professional golfer. He and his family, wife and two daughters died in the tsunami. Only one daughter is alive because she was in another province.]

* Ten famous tutoring schools at Siam Square, Victory Monument, Sapan Kwai and Nontaburi violate the standards of tutoring school of the Private Education Promotion Commission. Some have no teaching license, no fire protection equipment, and teach more students than they have permission to.

At Nakorn Sawan province, Mr. Suchat Ruamsuntea, the gunman who killed Mr. Sanong Naputtra, TRT canvasser, was arrested. He confessed that he was paid by the officer of the subdistrict organization and that person received the order to hire him from another person.

Thairath - January 18, 2005

* Mr. Nevin Chidchob, Deputy of Agriculture and one of the leaders of Thai Rak Thai Party, called 300 people including the Pattalung Governor, the Satun Governor, candidate MPs and canvassers of Thai Rak Thai Party to attend a meeting in Had Yai on January 16. Mr. Thavorn Senniem of the Democrat Party said Mr. Navin prepared to buy votes at this meeting. The Election Commission in Songkhla sent an officer to check the meeting, but the officers were forbidden to listen. Mr. Newin claimed it was an official government meeting. Since the Election Commission in Songkhla was not allowed to investigate, they informed the central election commission. The central election commission said it seems to violate the election law and asked Songkhla to send more information about who was at the meeting and what the content was to check the truth.
Before the meeting, a Democrat party MP coordinated with the Songkhla Election Commission to send spies, including one from the Democrat Party, to investigate and now they have evidence such as tape recording and video. The tape allegedly says they will give 100,000 baht to an election area and if they win in that area, that area will get 100,000 baht more.

* On January 17 at Bangkae district, Mrs. Rattana Pimchai, a principle wife, killed Mrs. Arisa Suksud, the minor wife and widow with whom her husband was fascinated. After that Mrs. Rattana drank poison and was seriously injured in ICU, but the husband evaded injury.

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