Thai-language newspapers – January 13, 2005

Matichon - January 13, 2005

* On January 12, the Agency for Real Estate Affairs or AREA evaluates land prices. They find that the land in Yaowarat is higher than Silom which 650,000 baht per square yard. Silom is 500,000 and the land where near BTS gets an even higher price such as Bangyai from 5 million baht per 1600 square metres up to 20 million baht. The land near Suwannapoom Airport has increased 7%--especially the commercial areas (zoned red) at Bangng-Trad Road which is owned by the Central group.

* On January 12, at Thammasat University, there was an academic speech given Prof. Rungsun Thanapornphan, the social sciences teacher of the year 2003, on “Thaksinomics under Thaksinacracy.‘’ He said Thaksin is a super commander who makes ministers change their behavior not to make problems. For the next four years Thaksinomics will reward populism and benefit government persons. For example, tax exemptions are given for people to get votes, but the government gets money back from temptations like the lottery and casinos.

* Yala still in crisis. A thief shot one villager dead and a headman in Pattani was shot and injured. The 1009 special troops were sent to control in three southern provinces. Meanwhile, in Bangkok, ustaz [a Thai word that the police or military usually use to describe those who graduate or teach at private Muslim schools in the South] still keep silent waiting for their lawyer.

Thairath - January 13, 2005

* The criminal court acquits Dr. Sanon Chairoengchot, a 54-year-old special teacher at Pakklang University, Nakornsawan province of raping his 20-year-old student. The court said the charge was not made soon enough (the accuser has to notify to process the case within 3 months) and that the student consented to get money and other benefits form the accused.

* Bunyat (Democrat party leader) and Anek (Mahachon Party leader) besiege Thaksin. Bunyat said Thaksin uses the cabinet meeting to abuse and attack other parties instead of discussing the nation's problem. He also brings his team to stay overnight at the Kumnan's (head of district) house during the election campaign. Meanwhile Dr. Anek said if TRT is returned to government, it will be a new species of dictatorship that have power to destroy the country and be more dangerous than the tsunami. Because the wave of this new species will destroy democracy and collapse the Thai economy.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Two baht make a young student kill one guy. Mr. Nattapong Chotdilok, the son of the owner of a minimart in Bungkump district, shot a drunken guy after quarreling about him not having two baht to buy whisky. Mr. Nattapong said he protected himself because Mr. Sompong attacked him first. Mr. Sompong usually got into debt when he came to buy things at the shop.

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