Thai-language newspapers – January 12, 2005

Matichon - January 12, 2005

* At the mobile cabinet meeting, Thaksin teased his competitor, the Democrat party. He said that Mr. Samit warned about tsunami in 1998 when Maj Gen Sanun Kajornprasat was Minister of Interior, Jurin Laksanavisit was Deputy of Minister of Commerce and Jaded Insawang was the Governor of Phangnga [at the time all were from the Democrat Party]. Thaksin said they did not believe the warning and worried it would destroy the image of tourism. [The Democrats respond in The Nation.]

* Thaksin's activities in Chiangrai are warming himself from the cold weather. For the breakfast, he showed how to make noodle and soft-boiled meatballs which were auctioned to get money for tsunami victims. The winner for auction was Mr. Anutin Chanveerakul, Deputy Minister of Commerce at the price of 50,000 baht for a bowl.

Thairath - January 12, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Mr. Tiwa Pakbuppa, 41-year-old canvasser for Mr. Kerkoon Danvichai, ex-MP and candidate of TRT in Ayutaya zone 1, was shot by a gunman during the night of January 10. PM Thaksin commanded that the police find the murderer and those who hired him within 7 days. At the beginning the police suspect that the murder is about national politics and the victim was threaten on the phone before.

* The situation in the south still baking hot [in crisis]. Recently a thief shot a policeman dead in Amphur Jana, Songkhla and set off a bomb in Yala injuring 5 people--2 being police.

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