Thai-language newspapers – January 11, 2005

Matichon - January 11, 2005

* Sanoh [Sanoh Tienthong, advisor of Thai Rak Thai] still feels hurt about the names on the party list. He hints to Thaksin if the dad and mother are old and are abandoned, we should call “the ungrateful son.” He revealed he asked the P.M., but the members of Wang Nam Yen are still at the end of the party list.

* Samit Thammasaroj rankles by disclosing that Japan and USA did not warn of the risk of the tsunami that hit Thailand and nine other countries. Japan said Thailand is not a member of the tsunami warning center and USA informed by internet that a wave was possible and did not confirm although the earthquake is 9 on the Richter scale. He will head a committee to set up a Natural Danger Protection System. After getting approval for 20 million dollars for the warning system, lots of foreign companies come to sell the warning system to him.

* Jaturon Chaisaeng, Deputy Prime Minister, and chairperson of the meeting to consider how to solve the bird flu situation, ordered academics to draft a strategy within two weeks. The budget for this problem is 4000 million baht. It is worried that bird flu may transform to be transmitted between humans and will be more harmful than the tsunami or SARS. Meanwhile the Deputy of Public Health Minister orders influenza A vaccine to have in stock.

Thairath - January 11, 2005

* January 10 was the first day for 400 districts to accept applications for MP candidate. The atmosphere was very vigorous and many supporters from each parties showed up such as Thai Rak Thai, Democrat, and Chatthai. Mahachon did not appear, but will apply on January 11 because it is the number of the party (11 on the ballots). Supporters may just hold signs and shout slogan, but cannot dance and have a parade with drums. This would violate the election law.

* Bunyat, leader of Democrat Party, points out that Thaksin is building the image on TV that the government works hard on tsunami relief and that this will impact voter psychology. He is confident that MPs in the area do not neglect people in six provinces, but this is concealed [in favor of the government].

* On January 10 at the Klongprem Central Jail, a relative meeting day for 2004 was held. At the same time an academic degree cerebration was held for the 23 prisoners who graduated from Sukhothai Thammathiraj. Mr. Ramba, the alias of Mr. Thanachat Wiwatanachat, the ex-husband of Miss Thailand of 1994 runner-up has 7 bachelor degrees with 4 from Sukhothai Thamathiraj and 3 master degrees from private universities in America. He said that he will be independent next year and feels anxious to stay outside of jail, but will do his best and will further his study in law. [On June 30, 1997, Mr. Ramba was upset by a policeman who searched him and seized his 11mm pistol. So he raided Payathai Police Station with a M16 rifle and took the policeman hostage.]

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