Thai-language newspapers – January 6, 2005

Matichon - January 6, 2005

* Pu [nickname of Purachai Piem Somboon] and Jiw [nickname of Chaowalit Yongjaiyuth] deputy Prime Ministers both retire from politics. Pu for teaching and Jiw for reading books. Meanwhile, Thaksin said that while some of his team complain when their names are not on the party list, Democrat are still not ready and Mr. Apisit does not know his rank on the party list.

* Chao Pha Ying Ubonrat, Khun Poom‘s mother, revealed that she is very deep in sadness in her life, but she is glad that “Nong Poom” is in the Thai people’s mind and she will set up a Foundation to honor him. The king of Sweden is thanks the Thai king for thanking the Sweden victims. The Thai bank will give 300,000 million baht from the reserve fund to revive six provinces in the south.

Thairath - January 6, 2005

* Thaksin said clearly that Purachai Piemsomboon, Deputy Prime Minister, will not be on the list of TRT party list because he wants to go teaching and take care of his family who is in New Zealand. A reporter asked if there will be a conflict in the party list [in Thai this is compared to a wave under the sea or a current]. Thaksin said Thai Rak Thai has no tsunami, but only Hanami which is rich with friends. [This is from a slogan of Hanami shrimp rice crisps. The slogan is "Will have lot of friends." Thaksin is rhyming 'tsunami' with 'Hanami.']

* On January 5 the police in Rayaong arrest a 38-year-old woman who kidnaps a four-month-old female baby at the hospital. She revealed that she wanted to raise that girl replace her baby who died in an abortion.

* The law service center for the victims at Amphur Takuapa, Phangnga reveals that the bad people give false information about disappeared persons in order to get money aid. Some people reported missing are defendants in court cases so they ask relatives to inform that they died so they will be released from the criminal cases.