Thai-language newspapers – January 2, 2005

Matichon - January 2, 2005

* There are lot of countries that help with relief and protection for the tsunami which is a record at 80,000 million baht. Especially Japan which gives 500 million dollars. Meanwhile, Ache people believe that the heavy rain after the earthquake helps them wash and clean away their nightmare.

* On January 1, Sihanuhok, the former king of Cambodia, reveals on his website that he feels deep grief about the many victims who lose lives and assets from the tsunami. He also devote 600,000 baht. He revealed that one fortune teller warned him to survive the big disaster by doing a ritual to get rid of bad luck that make his country not to face the disaster.

* On January 2, 2005, Mr. Sompit Hannarong, the district officer of Langoo, Satoon Province was informed from the villagers that there is water bubbling up in a deserted field. People panic and are afraid that it is an effect from the tsunami because it never happened before.

* Mr. Somsak Ismanyee, the vice president of the Nature and Environment Preservation Club says that the tsunami shows that we could not trust the disaster under the sea. The club is now worried about the motorway project to the south that splits the Thai gulf, the Mahachai--Lham Phakbia which not only effects the economy and fishermen, but it can also be a disaster in the middle of the sea if a tsunami happened.

Thairath - January 2, 2005

* Wat Nikornwararam or Wat Yanyao in Takuapa, Pangnga is where dead bodies of tsunami victims are being kept. Ten monks (out of 20 in the temple) are afraid of the ghost of victims so they move to other places. The remaining monks work very hard praying and performing rites for the dead bodies everyday.

* The eight constitutional judges that ruled P.M. Thaksin did not intend to hide his assets, face lots of condemnation. Mr. Jumpon Na Songkhla, the judiciary of Constitutional Court, said they got anonymous letters with the rude words and recently he got a New Year greeting card with the toilet paper including feces.

* At 2:00am on January 2 at the Yothin Hotel near Sapankwai interjection, police found the dead body of a 35-year-old died in bed. Her throat is sore and her eyes looked frightened. After investigation, the police said she may have been killed or her heart failed.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
This New Year, cruel accidents claim up to 290 dead bodies with 5,000 injured. On January 1, 2005, the province with the most dead are Lampoon and then Trang and then Chiangmai. The leading cause is riding a motorcycle without helmet and the second reason is drunk driving.

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