New Year’s Cartoons December 31, 2004

Bangkok Biz News: "Say goodbye to the cruel monkey year!"
Bangkok Biz News has their editorial cartoonist recount the major events of the year in a cartoon entitled "Say goodbye to the cruel monkey year!" (2004 was the year of the monkey).
Left to right: A tsunami wave about to hit, police and insurgents shooting over an origami paper crane, and an Olympic medalist weightlifter.
Below that, 'Noi' or Sudarat, Minister of Public Health, next to bird-flu chickens and Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Newin, who was insisting that local chicken were free from bird flu. To the right, Sanan Khachornprasart--Democrat power-broker and creator of the Mahachon Party--with his big ears and glass of wine (he has his own line of wines).
At right bottom is Chuwit and Banharn together in a hot tub (Chuwit joined Banharn's Chat Thai party this year after running an upstart campaign for Bangkok Governor).
Above them is one we cannot figure out yet: a Thai woman kneeling with a cat. Update: Several people have commented that the woman is Deputy Prime Minister Suwat--a politician once kicked out of the coalition who dissolved his party and came crawling back to be a part of TRT. The cat is the ineffectual Election Commission.
Far right
is PM Thaksin dressed as Santa, no doubt giving presents to the electorate. He holds a GMO papaya to symbolize that controversy and is thinking of buying the Liverpool Football Club. Opposition Democrat Banyat holds on to the back of the boat. (Thanks to Wisarut for some of the identifications.)

ThaiRath: "Sawadee Bee Kai!"
ThaiRath's December 31 edition (right) has news of the relief effort including a local movie star and UNICEF representative giving supplies to the injured. At the top of the page is a new year's cartoon with a play on words on the Thai phrase "sawadee bee mai" or "happy new year." Since the word for animal associated with 2005 is "kai" (chicken), and this rhymes with the Thai word for "new" or "mai," the cartoonist entitles the piece, "Sawadee Bee Kai."

Is this the contents of your safe?
ThaiRath also has a photo (below) of the contents of a safe found after the tsunami hit and asks for the owner to claim it.

Matichon leads (right) with before and after satellite photos of the destruction (same as the Post ran today), other news of the disaster, and includes a blessing for the new year on the top right of the front page.

Dailynews' colorful front page (right), has a new year's wish at the top, a headline about the 6000 missing, and a photo of tennis star Maria Sharapova giving a donation for the relief effort.
Kom Chad Luek (left) continues its banner headlines about the disaster and has a cartoon across the top showing a Thai child dressed in traditional costume and hairstyle holding his hands together in a 'wai.' Next to him are various Thai household items and a chicken--the animal associated with the year 2005.

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