Thai-language newspapers – December 27-31, 2004


December 27, 2004

* TRT party sells a big dream to throw 600,000 million baht for building happiness for Bangkok residents in the next four years. Suriya, the Minister of Transportation, claims to support the subway and wants a 15 baht fare for all destinations, a reduction of the expressway tax, and expansion of BTS routes.

December 31, 2004

* The court in Songkhla acquitted the accused and returned assets to the 20 gas pipeline protesters [NGOs and villagers]. The judgment specify that the Thai-Malaysian pipeline is a big project and can impact the community. It also said that the constitution gives the right for people to participate and can assemble in peace.


December 27, 2004

* For the coming New Year, those who want to get rich by buying the lucky lottery numbers will face the raising price which will be 150 baht from 40 baht per set. A popular number to pick is the Buddhist Era number [the year 2548].

December 28, 2004

* In the Democrat Party, there are two groups--the New Decade group led by Bunyat Buntadthan and the Shed Leaves group led by Sutep Terksubun. Recently, Sutep found that their candidates are on the end of the party list so this causes some conflict. The Democrats want to solve the problem by adjusted the feng shui. To do this they hang a "teng lung" [a Chinese lantern] on the pole of the Democrat party building.

* On December 27, a team from the Migrant Crime Suppression Center arrested Mr. Ong Lee Peng Ai Boowa or Mor Hok, a 35-year-old Chinese-Malaysian fortune teller, on the charge of rape. A 25-year-old Thai student in Bangkok said he told her she had bad luck and should check her fortune. He tried to be friends with her and then raped her. After an investigation, he denied it and said that the girl acquiesced.

* Khunying Pojaman or Khunying Or, the wife of P.M. Thaksin, was robbed of a Hermes handbag while she was talking with a friend at the Chalon de Oriental, on the ground floor of The Emporium on December 25. At present the police are checking and believe that the robber part of a Philippine gang.

December 29, 2004

* The Government Lottery Office reveals that summary of popular lottery numbers for the year 2004. The most popular number is 6 such as in 366, 866 and 966 and popular two-digit numbers are 00, 59, 62 , 64, 66 and 69.

December 31, 2004

* On December 30, the Dusit poll reports the best of year 2004 by a random poll of 10,183 people. The happiest situation for people is the King's birthday cerebration, the second is dropping the paper crane over the South and the relief of the IMF debt. The saddest situation is the disaster of the tsunami and the second is the deep crisis in the south and the bad Thai economy. Meanwhile the most popular singer is still Bird, Thongchai Macintire, and for country songs it is Mr. Mike Piromporn. The favorite politician is Thaksin Shinawatra. Then Chuan Leekpai and Apisit Wetchachiwa from the Democrat Party. For women it is Sudarat Keyurapun, the Public Health Minister, Paweena Hongsakul, and “Bam” Janista Liwchaloemwong from Chatthai Party.