Thai-language newspapers – December 14-15, 2004

A tale of two newspapers: Beer bar demolition - December 15, 2004
The Thai-language Matichon definitely has different details of the beer bar demolition yesterday, adding it was an impact from King's recent speech, that Soi Cowboy would now be strictly controlled, and that the bars were obscene and disgraceful.

The Nation

...Wattana district director Surakiat Limcharoen said he needed to take action because the bar owners were operating illegally.
"I demanded these bar owners demolish their bars two months ago and 60 per cent of them compiled, but 40 per cent remained stubborn so we filed complaints with police to take action against them," Surakiat said.
He said that Srinakharinwirot University was not happy to have “illegal” bars open near its campus...
(from More beer bars torn down - English-language)


* The police and other officers demolish beer bars at the intersection of Asok Road swiftly. They allege they are against the law, obscene and disgraceful. Soi Cowboy will be controlled strictly.

Meanwhile the Deputy of Prasanmitr University said it is an impact from the King speech. Also that students believe that nightlife people will go to the others areas if the pubs in front of the universities will be closed.

Manager - December 14, 2004

* On December 14, before a cabinet meeting, Maew [nick name of PM Thaksin] got up early to help his team campaign in Talad Huoiyod, Trang province. He made Chinese fried dough and chop the barbecued pork from them by himself.

* Impact on somtum boo [papaya salad with crab]!
Mangrove forests are in crisis and there are no mangrove crabs for cooking. Thailand has to order 20-30 million crabs per year valued at 100 million baht from Burma.

* Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak, Minister of Finance, will propose a cabinet meeting to ban to selling of alcohol [whisky] and cigarettes in temples, schools and for the young under 18 years old. Lucky for the gas stations that they are not on the list.

Matichon - December 15, 2004

* The Prime Minister is confident to win a seat for a Thai Rak Thai M.P. in Trang and Satoon Provinces. Wattana, the administrator of TRT said it is better to buy cows or buffalos for people to feed them rather than buy Mr. Wirat from the Democrat Party. Because cows and buffalos have brain and can be sold at a good price.

* Pattani residents resist the Seafood Bank which destroys community life!

On December 14, the Thailand Research Fund organized a seminar on “The Sorrow of Pattani Residents.” The speakers mentioned the seafood bank project of the government valued at 700 million baht which is not a Pattani resident project and they have not participated in. The benefit will support to investor capitalists. They wonder why Mr. Navin Chidchob, Deputy of Agriculture and Cooperatives, takes the Esarn way of life and traditions to the South although they are totally different from the local culture.


December 14, 2004

* The special police arrest Mr. Boonsri Suebsom who prepares to send illegal VCDs to customers in Ban Moh and Klongthom. He says that he is only the driver and watches over Mr. Koson’s house in Bangbuathong, Nontaburi. The police find the 30,000 Thai, foreign, X , and swinging VCDs as well as a list of customers all around the country. This is quite a big production source because they could produce 8000 VCDs per day.

* F club, founded by the popular model, Look Ked (Metini Kingpayom), made a new year's present by taking three sexy models to pose nude for the Lao Beer New Year Calendar. This is special for the one those who love drinking and beautiful ladies.

* Ms. Pintongtarn Shinawatra becomes the richest person of 2004 holding shares worth 18,032.76 million baht and overthrows the old champ, Mr. Anan Asawaphokin who is third. Second richest is Mr. Bunpot Damapong, the brother-in-law of Thaksin Shinawatra [the Prime Minister].

December 15, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - The victim of a cruel murder: The student and ex-student of Ayudtaya Technology School were shot on December 14. Police found their bodies at 3 am on the laterite road at Bangpra-In. Someone saw them drink beer with friends at an Esso gas station before they disappeared and were killed.

* For this coming new year, the Government Lottery office will increase the lottery to 65 million tickets valued 2,000 million baht and also have another reward of 77 million baht. At present, there is an order from distribution agents all around the country valued 1,500 million baht.

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