Thai-language newspapers – December 13, 2004

Matichon - December 13, 2004

* Chantana [alias for textile workers] smile happily. The Prime Minister promises to create child care centers in industrial areas. The Women Workers' Unity group said the PM tries to please textile worker with the first center at Prapradaeng. She reveals that the women workers have to work so they must send their children back to the rural provinces. Some employers force them to quit if they have children. Meanwhile the Labour Organization submits 18 proposals to political party in exchanges for their votes.

* On December 12, Mr. Ongart Klampaiboon, spokesman of Democrat party, accused Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] of visiting Burma for his family's businesses. Recently he discussed with Tan Chuoi that the Burmese government may revise the communication concession with a big company in Thailand [a reference to Thaksin's companies].

* Warn Yala! Narathiwat may get heavy rain. Six provinces (Nakornsrithammarat, Pattalung, Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat) are on in danger of having flash floods and forest water floods.

Thairath - December 13, 2004

* On December 12 at 4.00 a.m. in Samut Prakarn Province, during looking in a trash can, a garbage picker found a baby's dead body covered by the piece of cloth. The police identify it is as a 5-6 month fetus that died 3-6 hours before. They are finding the mother to proceed with the case.

* The Deputy of Public health reveals that the youth of Thailand are champions of whisky drinking--number one in Asia and fifth in the world.

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