Thai-language newspapers – December 10, 2004

Matichon - December 10, 2004

* The Office of National Religion reveals that temples will be non-smoking areas. Smokers cannot be ordained as monks and monks who are already addicts have to quit in the appropriate time. They ask people to cooperate and not present cigarettes to the monks. Meanwhile Bangkok Governor Apirak declares all the parks in Bangkok to be nonsmoking areas and those who violate must pay a 2000 baht fine.

* ”The North“ is very cold and might be minus 5 temperature--the same as in 1999. People can see the frost which is called “Moei Khab” on the grass in Doi Intanon and Doi Angkhang, Chaingmai which excites foreigners and Thai tourism.

* It is strange that the Ban Wanghad School in Amphur Danlanhoi, Sukhothai province [a very remote area] has only two teachers. In the past there were seven teachers for 200 students, but now there are only 87 students left so sometimes a janitor, monk, policeman or forest officer comes to help teach.

Thairath - December 10, 2004

* The girl from grade 3 from a famous school in Prapradaeng, Samutprakarn province was slapped and kicked and injured in the bathroom by three friends because she did not give them a Saifon brand cigarette. Police called their parents to check the testimony and negotiate for the compensation.

* The polices hunt for the X-rated VCD broker, Mr. Lex at his house in Kunnayao district. They found sexy VCDs, photos, sexy clothes for the x-model and an account book for the models. But Mr. Lek and his wife have been gone since Loy Kratong. The big investor is Mr. Ha of Ban Moh and police are seeking evidence to arrest him.

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