Thai-language newspapers – December 2, 2004

Matichon - December 2, 2004

* On December 1, a seminar on “Forecasting the Economic Business of 2005” was held at the Montien Hotel. Mr. Thananurak Jarusakul, a counselor on astrology at C.P. Company said that the next government will be in power for only two years because it will have a crisis in October.

* A group of 40 Monks from Lopburi province went to Wat Banrai in Nakorn Rachasima on December 1 to do a ceremony for continuing Luang Por Koon’s fate. [Luang Por Koon is a famous monk in Korat who is very ill and is often written about in Matichon.]

Thairath - December 2, 2004

* At Mooban Sintawee, Jomthong, Bangkok, an ex-nurse had a bitter love. After shooting and killing her girlfriend, a 42-year-old Tom [girl who acts like a man] killed herself as well. Witnesses said her 39-year-old Dee [girl who is a Tom’s girlfriend] has another Tom and made her old Tom feel jealous.

* Wassana [Chairperson of The Office of the Election Commission of Thailand] reveals that even on December 7 there still may not be a date for the General Election. This is because some of the committee members may not participate in the meeting so they cannot have a unanimous conclusion.

More from the local press - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi, December 3, 2004

* Siam Syntec has declined to purchase BMCL stocks to prevent further losses to National Park PCL (major shareholders of Siam Syntec).

* The Sophnphanitch (the family that owns Bangkok Bank PCL) has taken over National Park PCL to prevent the company from being bankrupted.

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