Thai-language newspapers – December 1, 2004

Kom Chad Luek - December 1, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
A young monk who was crazy in love, but was spurned by the woman. He used a screwdriver to stab her as she was working as a clerk in a flower shop and then he stabbed himself. Both of them were seriously injured.

* Thai Rak Thai and Mahachon Party are furious with Bangkok Governor Apirak who is removing their campaign posters. They will complain to the National Counter Corruption Commission. Jae Noi [Sudarat, Ministry of Public Health] is upset that the Democrats and Mahachon Party talk insinuatingly that the PM dotes in black magic.

Matichon - December 1, 2004

* Maew (Thaksin) and Solwin, Prime Minister of Burma, cooperate to hunt “Bungron-Zeakung”-- drug sellers who escaped to the Burmese border are. The leader of Burma confirmed to follow the seven steps of Road Map to Democracy. He refused to say anything about extension of Aung San Suu Kyi's detention.

* Destroy Klongthom-Banmoh! This is the place selling illegal, X-rated and Joey Boy VCDs and CDs. The border police and special officers found 1 million pirated items with the sellers. They also stormed a factory and seized the VCD producing equipment valued at about 200 million baht.

Matichon punished for the sexual harassment news against Sanant - translated and summarized from Manager Daily, December 1, 2004
The Press Council has deliver the verdict that Matichon has violated the Press ethics due to the news accusing Maj Gen Sanant Kajorn Prasart (now the advisor of Mahachon Party) of sexual harassment against a female journalist from Matichon.
Commentary: Even though some have praised Press Council as a very fair judge (even though the head of the Council comes from Matichon Group), many feel that Matichon betrayed their own idealism by becoming a mouthpiece of propaganda for both Democrat and Mahachon parties.
Initially, Matichon wrote very negatively against Maj Gen Sanant Khajornprasart on the front page until Maj Gen Sanant and the Democrats filed a libel suit against Matichon. Last week, the editors of Matichon came to Sanambinnam House to apologize Seh Nant (Maj Gen Sanant Khajornprasart) while kicking out the female journalist with very little compensation. After all, Matichon is now a mouthpiece of propaganda for Democrats which naturally extends to Mahachon.
Same can be said about many news items in Matichon. Initially, they wrote very negative news until it is found that the culprits are allied with the Democrats or Mahachon. For example, the Klong Dan Scandal, Dhammakaya Scandal, etc.
Also: Both the Nation Group and Matichon Group keep writing very negative news against Generation Y along with several attacks on the Japanese influence polluting Thai youth's mentality. Many of the younger generation have lost faith in serious newspapers since they have become too biased.

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