Thai-language newspapers – November 26, 2004

Matichon - November 26, 2004

* The Prime Minister urges the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand to set the Election Day soon. He worried about an 'underground' movement to damage the government chances of reelection.

* Office of the Narcotics Control Board keeps an eye on 10 movie stars and singers who conspire to distribute drugs. Joey Boy, a popular rap singer announced to the media that he will check whether it is his photo on the notorious VCD of a naked party. He does not know how his photo got on the cover of the VCD. [A still from the video showing lots of nude young people at a party was on the front page of the paper.]

* On November 25, because of drought, the water level in Lamprapoeng Dam, Nakorn Rachasima province decreased and made 200 illicit logs bob up to the surface. The villagers found and informed the officer of the forest protection sector (Wangnamkiew). It is thought they belong to an ex-Minister's concession and the logs are illegal because they are not stamped with a special seal.

Thairath - November 26, 2004

* On November 25 at Lan Luang road, Mr. Sunchai Nanuangbua drove a taxi in front of the motorcade of “Big Tuy” [General Chaiyasit Shinawatra, the supreme commander and relative of P.M. Thaksin] making the motorcade motorcycle crash into the taxi. The military security guard got angry and swaggered up to slap the taxi driver's face three times before continuing on with the motorcade.

* Ms. Pornphan or Joyce, the sexy female singer from Triumph's Kingdom band was arrested with her boyfriend in the case of having 4000 amphetamines tablets. She said she just took the drugs and was not selling them.

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