Thai-language newspapers – November 25, 2004

Matichon - November 25, 2004

* On November 24, the National Police Operation Center of Yala province distributed a four color poster of 46 people who are involved in the unrest in the South. The posters were put up at police stations, the border crossings and community areas in three provinces in the South so people can report tips. [Photos of the posters are here.]

* Mr. Kongsak Wantana, an airforce commander, explains again to the media in Udon Thani that Singapore is not hiring the airport there, but is only asking to use it for training. If Singapore hires a place in Udon Thani for aircraft training, the province can also promote itself for tourism. If lots of people resist this idea it can make Singapore change its mind and not come.

* Mr. Waratep Rattankorn, deputy of the Finance Ministry reveals that the lottery online will be operational in March 2005. The Finance ministry expects to get up to 1400 million baht per lottery.

Thairath - November 25, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
Banglamung, Chonburi province, Ms. Pranee Likhitwattananon, who for 25 years was the manager's secretary at Jittawi factory was strangled with her sleeping clothes. The police suspect it is a love case and her boyfriend may be the murderer. He also stole her car.

* Mrs. Supatra Boonchoen, a worker in Ayuthaya province, bought glutinous rice baked in a bamboo cylinder which showed the name “Pa Kum Banrai Thongpapoom, Kanjanaburi," to eat after her night shift. While she was eating it she saw something unusual and thought that was black bean but it was a 5 cm long leech. She vomited what she ate and went to inform the police.

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