Thai-language newspapers – November 23, 2004

Matichon - November 23, 2004

* Plalai [an eel, the alias of Chadthai Party] thinks optimistically that “Maew” [nickname of PM Thaksin] is teasing them with his
speech saying Mr. Banhan [head of the Chadthai Party] should campaign only in Supanburi. “Bam” [Ms. Jalista Chaloemwong] one of the "beautiful party list M.P.s" [one of the growing list of photogenic people being recruited to run for office] will announce on November 30 another actress to be a new Chadthai candidate. [The Nation also has an article--which is basically a Democrat press release--on another actress running for office.]

* 13 districts in Esarn need warm woolen cloth because of the change in weather. The director of meteorology in the southeast coast reveal that the “Muifa” typhoon is coming to the Thai gulf bringing heavy downpours and floods.

* Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning explains the Environmental Impact Report for the Lam Pak Bia Project specifies clearly that the Gulf of Thailand will accumulate heavy lead from the construction. So they propose two ways to reduce the spread of heavy metal and remove soil from the project to an area of deep sea 20 meters deep and 120 rai in size. They accept that it impacts the environment a bit, but it can be mitigated.

Thairath - November 23, 2004

* The son of Payap Kumpun shoots a guard. Payap Kumpun is the chairperson of the small Buddha image club and a well-know composer. His son killed a guard of Chaiyapruk Village. From witness evidence it is believed that he was upset because the guards checked his car. They exchanged words and shot at each other and one of the guards was killed.

* A cleaner in Pathumwan district found a bomb in the garbage can at the Supachalasai, National Stadium yesterday (November 22). It is believed to belong to mechanical engineer students who are usually fighting. They may have left it because they feared being caught.