Thai-language newspapers – November 22, 2004

Matichon - November 22, 2004

* Meeting in the youth area--Mr. Anek Laothammatat, the leader of Mahachon Party and Ms. Chompoonutch Chayutpong, a candidate for Pathumwan district campaigned with youth at Milk Plus at Center Point, Siam Square on November 21.

* Thai scholars and foreign conservationists resist the construction of the Laem Phak Bia Project. They criticize the Environmental Impact Report researched by Chulalongkorn University saying it did not tell the truth that this construction will have the environment impact since they have to dig 30 meters deep. There will be pollution from lead, arsenic and mercury that will spread in the water.

* Korat in crisis! A three-year drought. In Pichit, the wells have no water. The students have to bring drinking water from home to school to drink.

* The police noticed two suspicious looking monks from Wat Prasrimahathat, Pissanulok on the way to Maesai-Chairai road. The police dog examined them, but did not find anything in their cloth bag so they were sent to the hospital for an x-ray. Doctors found amphetamines in their rectums. The police arrested them and coordinate with their temple to have them disrobed.

Thairath - November 22, 2004

* A hell man [in Thai, the worst bad guy] who is suspected of being an expert gunman used an M-16 to shoot a 14-year-old student and his aunt. The aunt died at his house in Angthong province. The police are seeking the cause.

* At Ulidpaiboonchanoo Pathum School, Chainat, a basketball backboard fell over on a boy from the fourth grade, killing him. The director of the school denied responsibility because the victim’s friend climbed on it and made it fall. It did not fall by itself.

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