Thai-language newspapers – November 19, 2004

Matichon - November 19, 2004

* In Amphur Kienza, Surathani, an officer of the museum surveyed a limestone mountain and found ancient objects, pots, and skeletons at Huakalok Cave which looks like an ancient shelter and is 20 meters deep. It is believed the objects are 4,000 years old.

* On November 18, General Chaiyasuk Kedtat, the Prime Minister's advisor on security, was a chairperson to set up shooting grounds and testing for "Sig Sauer" [a famous Swiss weapon maker] from Germany company J.K. Defense Industrial. It will be the first gun weapon factory in Thailand. This factory will create war material and will be responsible to the Defense and Interior Ministries. [Thanks to Fabian for clarifying the name of the company.]

Thairath - November 19, 2004

* People from all over Thailand country show their power by folding 60 million paper birds that are symbols of peace and concern from the King, Queen and all people. These will be dropped from the sky over the south on December 5. People can learn how to fold from this website.

* Luang Por Koon is getting better. He was moved from I.C.U., but the doctor still forbids visits except for the closest followers who help him in physical therapy and talk to him to help recover his mind. [Luang Por Koon is a famous monk in Korat often written about in the press.]

* After drinking milk produced from Nakorn Pathom cooperative, 16 students from Watwha and 22 students from Wat Prongmaduaen School get stomach aches and vomit. They were sent to the Nakornpathom Center Hospital. Milk production has stopped until the cause is found. If the milk is found not to be up to standard, the cooperative manager will accept to pay compensation.

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