Thai-language newspapers – November 15, 2004

Matichon - November 15, 2004

* Publishers are speeding up the printing of the cartoon version of the “Thongdaeng” book that was written by the King and illustrated by cartoonist Chai Ratchawat [the story of a stray dog adopted by the King]. 100,000 copies will be printed per week. There are lots of orders from many companies that want to buy big lots for donating for school in local areas.

* 500 students of Boorapa University in Chonburi Province who resist to change of the university to the 'informal system' [the university would not be part of the government system, but a private university that manages and regulates itself] will submit a letter to the P.M. at the government house on November 16.

* On November 14, Mr. Pichai Chaloenkul, chairperson of the Environment Preservation of Kangkoy People, members, and 400 people from Kangkoy Saraburi Province drove motorcycles, bicycles, pick-ups and cars and wore green t-shirts, flew green flags and displayed signs saying “resist the construction of the “Gulph” Electric plant." The plant is being moved from Prajuabkirikhan to Thambol Banpa, Kangkoy on 300 rai. Residents fear pollution from the plant.

Thairath - November 15, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - At Wat Donpracharam, Roi-et, a 39-year-old crazy monk was surrounded by 20 people after he stabbed the abbot and a driver for the temple. Both of them were sent to the hospital and the abbot later died.

* The modern metropolitan office is using an Information Technology system for crime suppression investigation. People can visit the website 24 hours a day at

* The police are perplexed when they were informed by 30-year-old cloth seller, Mr. Dusit Chantrasorn, that his 7 month old new Toyota Tiger D4 pickup was stolen. It was stolen although Dusit took off the steering wheel and locked the gear and brake. The robber gang stole it anyway along with 50,000 baht worth of cloth.