Thai-language newspapers – November 12, 2004

Matichon - November 12, 2004

* Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] orders a big merit-making ceremony at the government house. The best auspicious number is “4” so the ceremony will include 400 monks from all over the country. It is also the fourth anniversary of parliament and will be organized on November 24. Mr. Wissanu Kruengam, Deputy Prime Minister, denied this is not related to the victims killed in the south.

* Radon gas was found in Songkhla Lake. This raises the risk of people to lung cancer. The Office of Nuclear Power for Peace is cooperating with the National Research Committee to do research and they found that concentrations radon gas is higher than the standard.

Kom Chad Luek - November 12, 2004

* After being pointed out by their victim, two police officers (a police major and police sergeant major) who used electric shock on a prisoner’s penis were ordered to quit from their jobs.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Again a "bus victim." A girl, a student grade 8 from Satri Mahapruttraram School fell down from bus no. 169. Her head hit the road she died after being operated on in the hospital.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - A 4-year-old boy imitates a movie from TV. he supposes himself to be a hero and uses his father’s gun to shoot and kill his 9-year-old sister.

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