Thai-language newspapers – November 11, 2004

Matichon - November 11, 2004

* Four private organizations (The Chamber of Commerce of Thailand, the Bank Association, the Artists' Group and Corporate Alliance Organization) with raise funds to help the situation in the South by arranging concerts and selling souvenirs. The duration of this project is three months (December, 2004-February, 2005) and they hope to raise 200 million baht.

* The mayor of Yasotorn Province explained that the loans the province is giving is helping people in communities to have a revolving fund. This project was begun in 1999 and arranges 50,000 baht for each community and is supervised by the community committees. [This is a highly controversial and irregular use of government funds. Matichon is working with an anti-corruption group to monitor the activities of the Yasotorn government.]

* The 50,000 children who have no nationality or no evidence as being registered are happy to be able to study free for 12 years according to the new regulation from the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will arrest and purge the gangsters who hire Cambodian children to be beggars in Bangkok.

Kom Chad Luek - November 11, 2004

* Mr. Narong Kamklin, a 52-year-old lawyer, stressed because of having cancer, jumped from Prapinklao Bridge. Police found a letter written by him dated November 11 warning the Prime Minister not to be misguided in the power.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - A rapist who had been released from jail three months ago was shot in the head and penis. His dead body was found on the flyover in front of Mahisara School, Nakornrachasima Province.

* The closing day of the government “Grassroots fair” was crowed with too many people. This is because the Public Health booth was selling and distributing revitalizing and brightening cream for the women.

Thairath - November 11, 2004

Editorial: The manhandled and forgotten

The editor praises the Department of Rights and Liberty Protection and The Thai Law Society that helps the victims who were maltreated by the police. Not only the forgotten victims in jail and the guy who was shocked by electricity, but even the recent case of the tourists kicked by police in Phuket. It is believed that there are many incidents like this never reported in the news and victims have no voice to complain against police who have guns and the law in hand.

So Thairath is pleased that these two organizations may be a harbor for people. Recently they demanded to the government and the Nation Police office must improve the criminal investigation process to be in the line with the constitution and civilized countries. But it is not sure who will hear and take action.

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