Thai-language newspapers – November 8-9, 2004

Matichon - November 9, 2004

* On November 8 in Songkhla, 2000 students of Thaksin University protested the new management team. They do not agree with the unclear public hearing that resulted in the university using the 'informal system' [the university would not be part of the government system, but a private university that manages and regulates itself] because they say the university is not ready for this.

* After checking the documents of TRT, the advisors of election laws have a consensus to allow TRT to use Sanam Luang for it press conference and speeches on November 12. Other political parties will be allowed if they follow the procedures.

* The Clean and Clear Thailand Foundation shakes hands with Matichon to combat corruption by setting up the hotline for complaints and to propagate a new model to strengthen and make Thailand clean and clear. The first two targets are the Election Commission work and municipality of Yasothon Province. [There was a case where the Election Commission decided it could not be impartial in deciding the case of a Pathumthani M.P who was involved with drugs. Yasotorn Municipality used its budget for giving people loans.] The number is 0-2547-1186 or fax 0-2547-1185 or mail to the editor's desk of Matichon, 12 Tessabannaruman, Kwang Ladyao, Chatujak Bangkok 10900.

Matichon - November 8, 2004

* Mahachon Party asked that the Election Commission invest the TRT "Grassroots fair" saying that the government uses the budget attract people from all over the country to join.
* Nakorn Sri Thammarat - Police hold a lunatic who is suspicious looking in front of the Tungsong District office. They find that he has photos of important persons, documents, and internal place maps of Nakorn Sri Thammarat Province.

Thairath - November 9, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
A jealous guy who was the boyfriend of a teacher in Wat Poethong School, Chinat Province, shot her as she was teaching 30 2 to 5-year-old pupils.

* After checking the government fair, the chairperson of the Election Commission, Police General, Vassana Permlap, said to the critics that the fair is not wrong and they should not complain. It is incorrect if the royal decree has declared an election date, but there is no degree yet. The law bans only the transfer people to vote, but not to travel to the fair.

Thairath - November 8, 2004

* The forgotten victims who were put in the jail by the Police Major General at Lumpini police station are now afraid that they will be kidnapped and killed [for revenge by the police] on their way they go back home to Sukhothai, so they ran away and hid in the “Kwan Pochana” restaurant.

* After being informed by the policeman that the old Thai Airway employee hanged himself, his brother from Yala province rented a van for 13,000 baht to get his dead body.
Earlier: Thairath's headline on Sunday: An old man who worked with Thai Airways hanged himself. He left 15 million baht, but has no relative to receive his inheritance.

* In Nongkai province, two men tried to steal dog meat from each other and ended up having a sword fight with each other like in a Chinese film.
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