Thai-language newspapers – November 5, 2004

Matichon - November 5, 2004

* Mr. Thossaporn Sirisumphan, a secretary of Bureaucratic System Development Commission at the Tourism and Sports Ministry said that after using the CEO governor strategies that tourism is booming with revenue of 300,000 million. Only 22 provinces will be hot targets for potential tourism development such as Ayuthaya, Chonburi, Trad, Rayong, Kanchanaburi, Prachaubkirikhun, Petchburi, Chiangrai, Chiangmai, Maehongson, Pisanulik, Sukhotai, Nakornratchasima, Khonkaen, Ubonrachathani, Udonthani, Krabi, Trang, Pang-nga, Phuket , Songkhla and Suratthani.

* It is revealed that the budget of 200 million baht for the “From Grassroots to Taproots” celebration is compsed 10 million baht taken from 20 different ministries. Thaksin specified that is an urgent budget for government to show what they have done for people at Muang Thong Thani on November 6-10.

* The police caught Mr. Pipat Wiwatananon, a man who called 191 [police emergency number] and threatened to bomb the government house. After investigation, it is found that he is stressed because he is jobless so he got drunk and did not remember what he had done.

Thairath - November 5, 2004

* “Vake Malaengsab” showed how to eat live cockroaches on Modern Nine T.V. channel on the 'Queer Eating' program [Vake is his name, and Malaengsab is Thai for cockroach--this is the alias that the newspapers gave him]. He has eaten 25 cockroach per day for 40 years and is still in good health. [This story and accompanying photos showing Vake eating a cockroach and a centipede, was also on the front page of Kom Chad Luek and Daily News.]

* In Nakorn Pathom Province, a robber tried to steal gold from a gold shop in Buathong Market. He was arrested because the owner could hear the noise from the thief trying to bore into the wall where the safe was. Gold worth almost five million baht was in the safe. The other three who were waiting in a car escaped.

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