Thai-language newspapers – November 4, 2004

Matichon - November 4, 2004

* Sanam Luang will be open on November 9 for Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] to sing and the government will have a festival to promote itself under the motto “look back and look forward, from the grassroots to the taproots.” Students and youth from all over the country will have dinner with PM and he will sing a song with the singers of Academy Fantasia in concert.

* Pinehurst caddies informed the polices that they were threatened by two men after the dispute with their employers in the case of the "fat, old, and short caddies."

* At Centruy Park Hotel on November 3, the new female M.P. applicants took a seminar organized by the Thai Women's Parliament Club to learn the technique of running an election campaign.

* Luang Por Koon's condition worsens. Doctors found that his liver is not working right. Followers reveal that they won the lottery with number 966 which is from Luang Por Koon's car. Also, the vice abbot and his followers made a ceremony to suspend Luang Por Koon's age. [Luang Por Koon is a famous monk in Korat.]

Thairath - November 4, 2004

Editorial: Participation-Non-violence

It is very kind that His Majesty The King gave the order to Thaksin and asked the government to work gently for solving problem in the South and to let people participate. Also the government should try not to use violence. We hope that the government and all officers will be concerned and seriously try to bring peace back to the South soon. This was also the demand from many groups and the government accepted this, but sometimes the government acts in a different way in practice.

A peaceful solution and giving people participation is harmonious with the Buddhism way and with democratic principles. This is not only for solution for the southern problems, but also the way to solve the drugs, corruption, and problems of the poor. The violent way is the way of a dictator.

* Strong bad smell around the world! ['mhen cho' = 'strong bad smell' and 'tua loke' = 'around the world' - this is a Thai idiom meaning 'something to be ashamed of'] During a Senate meeting, Pratin Suntiprapob, Bangkok senator, punched Adul Wanchaitanawong, Maehongson senator, after arguing about the Tak Bai report from Jermsak Pintong.
* 39 students from grade 4 and 6 of Watnongyaisap School in Suphanburi almost died from eating the fruit called Saboo Khao [white soap] that grows in a herbal tree garden. They vomited, had diarrhea and fainted before being sent to the hospital.
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