Thai-language newspapers – November 2, 2004

Matichon - November 2, 2004

* The vice spokesman of TRT believes that the black magic flags buried with the names of TRT MPs (Noi - Sudarat, Minister of Public health and Brook - movie star and MP) in the soil at an abandoned gasoline storehouse may have been placed there by the opposition. This is black magic and mind games at the opening of the election campaign. [Several Thai newspapers have photos of these flags on their front pages today.]

* The former General Director of Religion, Preecha Kuntiya, asked for information from Meechai Kitboonchoo, a cardinal. He is worried about the advertising of the book, “The Power of Life” that is promoting Christianity by using famous people such as movie stars and singers.

* Thaksin opened the government house to discuss with NGOs and villagers to set up a “National Congress of Community Leaders” in order to get them to join the Prime Minister to solve the problems and the poor and problems of land.

Thairath - November 2, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
The dead body of Ms. Pattama Juysiangpro, 18-years-old, first year vocational student of Technique Sirvattana, Prakanong, Bangkok, was found in a drainage ditch at the back of the Miyazava School building. The doctor did not find any wound, but assumed that her head was pressed in the water and she drowned.

* The Law Society sent a team of lawyers to investigate the truth in Tak Bai as well as listen to claims of detainees. Under martial law, militants can only be detained for seven days. After that they have to be sent to an investigating officer.

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