Thai-language newspapers – October 27-29, 2004

Thai Post - October 27, 2004

* EDITORIAL: The riot - Thai Post thinks that the government cannot deny or evade responsibility for the 87 dead in Tak Bai although the government admires the officers who followed the system to settle the situation. Because violence to destroy a protest is not a solution. The situation like this--people dying again--shows the failure and the weaknesses of government officers especially the case in three southern provinces.

Thairath - October 27, 2004

* The dead body of a foreign diving teacher (ower of Dave and John Roger Diving School) was found floating in a lake at Samaesarn, Sattaheep, Chonburi. The police note that his throat was stabbed.

* TRT MPs smile happily because of extra money for the next election. The old MPs received 2 million baht, the ones who moved from other parties received 1.5 million baht and the new MP applications received 1 million baht.

Thairath - October 29, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
A cruel husband wants to keep in touch with his wife after a quarrel with her. However, he was denied and upset so he uses a big knife to cut her neck 13 times.

* The daily victim: Mr. Prasit Kultikan, 57 years old, the owner of Esso gasoline station in Tanyounmus, Pattani was shot two times and seriously injured by a gunman on a motorcycle.

* Comfort: Mr. Pongsapat Pongchaloen, the director of the National Police, came to comfort the relatives of the riot victims in Narathiwat while they came to take back the dead bodies in Pattani.

* The doctor said Luang Por Koon is getting better. He was taken off the respirator and can communicate. [Luang Por Koon is a famous monk in Korat]