Thai-language newspapers – October 26, 2004

Matichon - October 26, 2004

* At Lotus Superstore in Kanjanaburi, Ms. Orawan reported that she and her two nieces were accused by six security guards of theft. They were strip searched, but the guards found nothing. If no organization will take responsibility about this case, she will appeal to the P.M. that a multinational company harass Thai people.

* Although Ply Saengdao [a male elephant named Saengdao] got injured and roams free in the Khaoyai National Park, it was ordered not to shoot anesthetic at him, because people do not want him to run away to the deep forest and believe that he still can help himself [elephant stories are a staple of the Thai-language press].

* Mr. Kerkkiat Pipatseritham, the former officer of NCCC and the one who drafted the constitution, said it is not good that NCCC offices increase their salary by themselves. They should show their spirit by resigning. It is not a hard rule, but it is about their own conscience.

Thairath - October 26, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - A cruel monk shot three people, Ms. Jai Saengmak, 57 years old, Mrs. Sook, 27 years old, and a niece, 3 years old, was arrested in Pichit province. He said that he wanted revenge against Mrs. Numpeung, Ms. Jai Saenmak’s daughter, who no longer would meet him (a love case).

* Luang Por Koon was carried to the surgeon urgently at Siriraj Hospital, his blood vessel broke yesterday evening [Luang Por Koon is a famous monk in Korat].

* Mr. Thanut, a 23-year-old student of Rangsit University, was plied with beer from a man he has just met at an Esso gas station on Rungsit-Pathumthani Road. After waking up at noon in a hotel, he found his new car, a Toyota Camry, had been stolen.

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