Thai-language newspapers – October 22, 2004

Matichon - October 22, 2004

* A Thai tourist in Nakornpathom was stunned to find a centipede in glutinous rice baked in a bamboo cylinder

* At Central Ladphrao on October 21, the Deputy Dean of Social Welfare faculty, Thammasat university talked on the subject ”The past, present and future of Thai Social Welfare--what the people get“ and said that the government makes people interested in consumerism. For example in the north, a study found that people make a good income, but the old people must still go out to be beggars.

Thairath - October 22, 2004

* At Pinklao-Nakornchaisri road, a thief disguised as a policeman robbed the gasoline truck “Siam Sahaborickarn” owned by the brother of a Bangkok M.P. The total value stolen was 200,000 baht in gasoline and 500,000 for the vehicle.

* A maniac Rottweiler mangled a veterinarian at the “Mor Nueng“ clinic in Banglamung, Chonburi Province He had had to get 30 stitches. [Over the past few months, one big story a week about violent dogs attacks has been featured prominently in the Thai-language press.]

* An unidentified 35-year-old person tried to rob Mrs. Yinglak Chinawat' s house that is under construction [Yinglak Chinawat is the Prime Minister's youngest sister], but was electrocuted and died. The police found equipment to rob the house such as pliers, scissors, screwdriver and cable on his dead body. It is assumed he was accidentally shocked at the construction site.

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