Thai-language newspapers – October 20, 2004

Matichon - October 20, 2004

* HM King spoke at the National Science and Technology Exhibition at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani yesterday. HM The King said that Thailand should study more about GMOs and develop a Thai way so as not to rely on the foreign countries or getting seeds from the Monsanto company.

* The Minister of Education said that nowadays old theaters are adapted to be the internet cafes that run 24 hours. Some students stay there and do not go back home.
* The Ramathibodi Hospital declares that the sex behavior of youth is very frightful. Abortions average 1,000 per day.

* A new trend for Thai gays is to enlarge their muscles like Western gays to show “hyper masculinity.” They believe this will raise their status if they have foreign boyfriend.

Thairath - October 20, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
The boyfriend of Ms. Juree Silsungworn, a 21-year-old student of Rumpaiphanni Ratchabhat Institute, Junthburi province cannot stand that she has an new boyfriend so he threw acid on her face and body. She was seriously burned and died cruelly at the hospital.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Yesterday at 2 p.m. in Ratchadaphisek 36 Soi Sueayaiuthid, the naked dead body of a woman, white skin, aged around 40 with red toenails, was found in the a TOT bag no.26700­/2540 in a shallow lake by the junk collector. The police assumed she died five days ago, but could not specify the cause at present

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