Thai-language newspapers – October 18, 2004

Matichon - October 18, 2004

* A poll of 400 districts around the country shows TRT is still popular. It is believed that Thaksin will the polls and create a second government.

* A rumor started that LuangPor Koon got sick and died and lots of people came to visit him at the temple in Nakornratchasima. He said he knew nothing of the news and if he died really, everybody would know about it. [LuangPor Koon is a famous monk in Korat, who, for some reason, is often written about in Matichon.]

Thairath - October 18, 2004

* A 71-year-old woman in Roi-et province won the lottery. She travels by Thai Airways to Bangkok to get 22 million baht.

* Thaksin spoke at the campaign kick off at the Indoor Stadium Huamark. He said his life has no privacy and his sex life is decreasing also.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - The dead body of Mr. Sutip Srathongkaew, 50 years old, was found in the middle of a pineapple orchard in Banka, Ratchaburi. The police assume it is a love case. Recently he felt affection for a beautiful widow in the village who is charming to other men also.

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