Thai-language newspapers – October 15, 2004

Matichon - October 15, 2004

* The man who had his tongue bit off during an attempted rape is arrested. His tongue got a tetanus infection and he cannot taste anymore.

* Noi [nickname of the Minister of Public Health, Sudarat] increases the budget by 10,000 baht in each village to support health volunteers. She claims that she is working in line with Maew's [Thaksin's] policy.

* In Nakhonsrithammarat, a crocodile escaped from a farm and bit a woman quite seriously.

* Jae Bieb [Rabiebrat, M.P. of Khonkaen] will have a training program for basic self-defense. She plans to bring “NongView” [Yaowapa, the female taekondo who won a bronze medal in the Olympics] to teach how to protect the body.

Thairath - October 15, 2004

* A six-wheel truck in Soi Satupradit ran over a seven year old boy riding a bicycle, flattening and killing him.

* After losing a motorcycle race and falling 30,000 baht debt, a young man killed his father's friend and took his jewelry. He was arrested after selling a golden necklace.

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